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Co-moulded Hot Melt wiring harnesses

We produce pre-moulded Hot Melt wiring harnesses for various applications, with different types of cables and connectors for all customer needs, which allow a high level of IP protection.

We produce pre-assembled wiring with multi-output boxes or with co-moulded connectors to ensure a high degree of protection and to make the wiring harnesses inviolable and, where required, also with a considerable mechanical strength, reliability and operation even in extreme environmental conditions, applicable to on-board machine wiring harnesses or parts of them.

We provide wired cables with co-moulded connectors, among the most common M8, M12, MIL and M23 connectors for power, encoder or data transmission cables, moulded using the Hot-Melt process.

We have a considerable number of our own moulds engineered and manufactured internally within our mechanical workshop and, as a result, we are able to provide samples for customer requests in the shortest time possible with pilot moulds before moving on to mass production.

Numerous tests are carried out on all the wiring harnesses, from the receiving of raw materials used, to the testing during the various phases of production up to the final testing with insulation, continuity and short circuit tests.

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