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via Europa 37, 25040 Monticelli Brusati (BS) Italy

Welcome to C.F. Cablaggi


C.F. Cablaggi is a flexible and dynamic company that aims to be a partner to those with any needs to be met in the wiring harness sector by offering all its experience in order to provide innovative solutions.


C.F. Cablaggi operates in various sectors, where there are needs for small or large series wiring harnesses, working on customer specifications or developing ad hoc projects and offering its support in choosing the materials to use.


C.F. Cablaggi, certified with the ISO9001:2008 standard since 1997, guarantees the production through a series of checks to ensure reliability and durability over the years of any project for maximum customer satisfaction.


C.F. Cablaggi has recently added a 3-axis machining centre to its workshop's machine fleet for the creation of Hot Melt moulds to ensure quick prototyping of standard products customised according to customers' needs.

The secret is not the product, but the company staff that manages it, and this is very difficult to copy, because it is the company's soul, something essential yet invisible.


  • New 3-axis machining centre

    CF has a new 3-axis machining centre for the creation of Hot Melt moulds and for the production of component plates or doors for electrical panels.

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