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via Europa 37, 25040 Monticelli Brusati (BS) Italy


C.F. Cablaggi is a flexible and dynamic company that aims to be a partner to those in the wiring harness sector.

We relish challenges and we want to offer all of our experience, gained in various sectors, in order to propose innovative solutions and adapt to customers' various needs.

C.F. Cablaggi operates in various sectors, where there is the need for pre-assembled electrical wiring harnesses, in small or large series, where pre-moulded Hot Melt wiring harnesses in Hot Melt for waterproofing requirements need to be used, where power and signal cables wired according to the most well-known manufacturers standards are required. Within these sectors it produces electrical panels according to customer specifications or their own designs and provides pre-assembled on-board machine wiring harnesses or parts of them.

C.F. Cablaggi guarantees its production through a series of checks utilising the most technologically advanced equipment because we not only take care of producing the wiring harnesses but also ensure the reliability and durability over the years for maximum customer satisfaction.

C.F. Cablaggi ensures reliability and maximum efficiency, because not only is it important to us what we do but also how we do it and that is why production has been guaranteed by ISO9001:2008 certification since 1997.


Excellent service brings repeat sales. If you take good care of your customers, they will open the doors that you could never open by yourself.

Key strengths

Skilled staff

C.F. Cablaggi through continuous research and the effective organisation of skilled stafff has obtained more and more pleasing results knowing that constant significant development enables us to constantly adapt to market needs.

Continuous investment

C.F. Cablaggi promotes continuous investment in all areas of its production, demonstrating a constant attention to the most technologically advanced solutions to ensure quick response both in the prototyping phase and during production on both standard products or products customised according to customers' needs.

Efficiency and Speed

C.F. Cablaggi, with efficiency and short delivery times in mind, internally designs and manufactures moulds for Hot Melt productions, starting with the customer's needs up to providing samples in the shortest time possible before moving on to mass production.