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via Europa 37, 25040 Monticelli Brusati (BS) Italy

Electrical panels

We produce individual electrical panels, in small or large series, following designs provided by the customer or according to their instructions, making sure to take care of every detail.

We use the best components available on the market, respecting customer specifications or using the materials supplied for manufacturing purposes.

The design and the wiring diagrams are created using CAD platforms applying European and international standards in compliance with the control panel usage requirements.

For mass production we produce pre-assembled wiring harnesses for electrical panels with inkjet marking reducing assembly times with consequent cost reductions.

We also produce pre-assembled panels for markets requiring components complying with UL-CSA standards.

Numerous tests are carried out on all panels, from the receiving of raw materials used, up to the final testing with insulation, continuity and short circuit tests.

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